We probably should have seen this coming as Colourpop is a known outfit repeater (I mean, collab repeater) but it’s time for round 2! Colourpop is launching their second collab with Makeup by Shayla (@makeupshayla) on Friday, 4.26! The collab collection is called Proceed With Caution and so far the only thing we know is that it includes this Under Construction Eyeshadow palette with 9 shades for $12. We definitely cant wait to see what else is included!



We are the first to say we are kind of over the repeat collabs that Colourpop can’t seem to stay away from… But we’ve ranted about that enough in the past. This time, we are actually pretty keen on this new product! It’s only a 9 pan palette so there’s only so much that can be snuck into something so small and limited but we must admit, we like what they did with the place! It is SO on theme! Like, the colors could not screen construction zone more than they do! I will say, it is kind of a super random theme to incorporate into an eyeshadow palette (unless this is like a Shayla thing that I just don’t know about?) but we are here for it nonetheless! It’s something unique and different than we’ve seen before! I could totally see myself getting a ton of use out of this palette for sure!



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