Highlighters galore! Lunar Beauty is launching their NEW Moon Prism Highlighter Powders on Wednesday, 4.17! Manny Mua is giving us these new highlighter goodies for $26 each. There will be four new shades in Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. Jupiter is the only shade that contains a new formula, versus the rest being the same formula from the previous launch.



Is it just me or is it just kind of weird that one of the four shades included in this new launch have a new formula but the rest have an older formula? I feel like that’s just an odd thing to do – like either do it all or don’t, ya know? But I haven’t personally every tried the highlighters (or anything, actually) from Lunar Beauty so I have no idea if the old formula is any better or worse than any other formula out there, but I guess we shall see! We do need to talk about the packaging for a second because OMG stunning! I mean, not like, the most unique thing I’ve ever seen but still so SO pretty nonetheless. The shades seem pretty basic, too. Nothing really new or exciting there. It is good to see that there is one shade in particular that will work for those with much deeper skin tones since often times that seems to be missing! Have y’all ever tried anything from Manny yet?? Let us know! And be sure to subscribe to our email list so that you can be notified as soon as these babies go live!



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