Well this has to be our favorite palette themes to date! Glamlite is launching their NEW Burger Eyeshadow Palette on Wednesday, 4.10! This hilarious and perfect palette comes with 16 shades (toppings!) with classic names like Blue Cheese, Avocado, Spinach, Lettuce and more. The pricing is a bit tough to swallow (see what we did there 😉 ) at $40 in total.



I’m just curious how no one has thought of this before?! I mean, this is literally brilliant and one of the most creatively genius things to happen to an eyeshadow palette, seriously. We love the packaging just as much as we love the concept! But we aren’t fooled by this book’s cover – the inside is just as perfect as everything else. I LOVE these shades. While they’re certainly bold and playful, they’re also totally cohesive and coordinated and honestly just beautiful all around! We’ve got tons of warm tones but also some neutrals and everyday shades thrown in there for good measure, along with just a few cooler tones. I can imagine so any fun looks with this palette already! The pigmentation looks insane, too! All my burger lovers out there, this one’s for YOU!



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