Ugh this package design! So sleek! EM Cosmetics is launching their NEW Brow ID Collection on Tuesday, 4.02! The collection includes The Fine Liner Brow Pencil & The Micro-Fluff Sculpting Brow Creme in four different shades. The pricing is $18 and $19 each, respectively. It has been a HOT minute since we have seen new products from EM so this is rather exciting!



It would honestly be a little more exciting, though, if it weren’t a brow pencil collection. I mean, brow pencils are necessary and all, but we have to admit – they’re prettyyyyyy boring. Like, what is there to get excited about? And truly, how different can each brow pencil on the market really be? These do, however, look like they’ll be super easy to use! They have a nice sharp but rounded shape, allowing you to use the round flat-top of it to fill in larger areas, but also the sharper sides of it to line and fill in more detailed, small areas. Plus, they come with a spoolie which is basically required. The brow creme is rather interesting – it’s a creme but in almost a liquid eyeliner-style packaging. Those type of pens can be a little intimidating, personally, but I know there are some that love them! Other than that, we don’t have a ton of thoughts. Sorryyyyyy!



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