NEW BRAND ALERT! Patrick Ta Beauty is launching their brand AND their first collection, The Major Glow on Thursday, 4.04! This is a fabulous collection to start the brand off. It includes the Major Glow Body Oil, a Major Glow Highlighting Mist in three different shades, a Setting Fan, a Body Brush and three Lip Shines in three different shades. Pricing has not been released so we are definitely excited to see where these come in.



My my first impression – it seems like the majority of these items (and therefore, the majority of this brand) are primarily body products, rather than makeup products. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s just unusual, don’t you think? It seems that most brands start by releasing makeup because that’s probably the easiest to sell. But seeing body products in the initial launch?? That’s something new! But also, for that reason, we kind of aren’t super excited. I mean, these products are pretty dope looking and there is totally a market for these body oils and body highlighters, but I just don’t think that market is me. I literally never have a reason to add oil or a highlighter to my body. Perhaps if I was an instagram model or something? But I am SO not that. Like at all lol. The only thing that sort of peeks my interest is the lip glosses but at the same time, lip glosses are a dime a dozen and I basically do not need anymore. Plus, these seem like they’re going be pretty pricey for some reason, so they’re probably definitely not for me.



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