Bring on all the shine! Pat McGrath is launching their NEW Eyedols Single Eyeshadow Shades on Thursday, 3.28! The launch consists of 17 gorgeous shades at $25 each. As you can tell from the swatches, most of the shades have incredible metallic shimmer but there are a few mattes. They will be available on their website and at Sephora.



Okay so on one hand we are like HELL YESSS these are freaking insane and soooooo stunning! And then on the other hand we are like ummmm $25 for ONE EYESHADOW?! That’s the price of an entire eyeshadow palette for a ton of brands! But we know it’s Pat and they do no hold back on the price tag – but they also don’t hold back on pigmentation either, clearly! These are so intense! And the shade selection is incredible – we have everything from neutrals to bold pops of color to perfect everyday shimmers. But I mention this nearly every time we talk about single shadows: how often do we really use them?? Personally, very rarely. I would always rather stick to a palette then individual shades. And with that price, I definitely don’t see them joining my collection, despite how beautiful they are.




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