We are just suckers for beautiful packaging! Jouer Cosmetics is launching their Soft Focus Hydrate & Set Powder on Tuesday, 4.09! These gorgeous setting powders will be $30 each and available in 6 shades: Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, Deep & Dark. There will also be a new Essential Travel Complexion Brush for $18! Make sure to use TRENDMOOD at checkout to bump that price down 15%!



The whole “hydrate” thing is a little confusing, no? I know we recently saw another powder hit the market a while back that also claimed to be “water-like” but I just don’t think I understand. How can a powder which is inherently a dry product be hydrating?? This might just be something that needs to be seen (and felt) to be believed. But that aside, these powders do sure look pretty! I mean, at least the packaging is – but that’s nothing new for Jouer! Their packaging is always super sleek and sophisticated looking. Powders just, unfortunately, are not something that I typically get overly excited about, ya know? To me, a powder is a powder is a powder. But perhaps this innovative hydrating formula could change the game?? We can’t wait to test it out and see!





Amazing pictures and swatches by the wonderful @trendmood1!

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