Get your pocket books ready! Natasha Denona is launching their NEW The Biba Eyeshadow Palette on Friday, 3.15! This is an all neutral shades palette with mattes and a few shimmers. Just like most Natasha Denona palettes it will be available at Sephora and the price is a whopping $129. YIKES!



So here’s my first thought: this is NOT an all neutral palette… This is an all natural palette . I’m continually surprised by how often these two words are confused. Neutral typically means just that, neutral – not warm toned, not cool toned, just right in the middle . Neutral. But this palette is not full of neutral shades, it’s full of lots of more natural type shades (browns and grays and beige colors) but each of these shades are a variety of cool and warm. That’s all! But with that being said, I do still LOVE what this palette has going on. I personally love the balance of warm and cool tones because I love the contrast of mixing the two together! Clearly this is a mostly matte palette which will certainly appeal to many but I personally love a little more a balance betweeen shimmers and mattes for a more well rounded palette. But for me, the price tag for ND is just far far too high to ever be justified so therefore, this will still be a pass for me, no matter how pretty it is.



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