NEW BRAND ALERT! Dragun Beauty is launching their first line, the Dragun Collection on Monday, 3.25! Started by the amazing Nikita Dragun, the brand launch is looking incredible! The collection includes the DragunFire Skin Perfecting Potion ($25) color corrector & the DragunHeart Transformation Face Powder ($35). You can get the full DragunEgg Transformation Kit ($55) which includes the gorgeous egg or you can spring for the full blinged out egg + collection for $105!



Ughhhh, I hate to hate, especially on a newer or indie brand, but this seems like a pretty weak initial launch for a new brand, if I’m going to be frank. It’s just like, boring. Soooooo boring. I mean, a color correcting concealer and a face powder? That’s the best she could do? I’m sorry if that’d harsh but I’ve gotta be real. And not only is it boring but it’s expensive… I get wanting to be a high end brand and wanting to make that high margin money but $25 for a concealer?? $35 for a powder?? And some weird blinged out egg?? I just don’t know about this and so far, this doesn’t appear to be a brand or a product I can get behind. But I’m excited to see what else they come out with!!




Pictures by the amazing @trendmood1

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