Look at ALLLLL of this color! Lime Crime is launching their Softwear Blush on Tuesday, 3.12! They are launching 18 absolutely amazingly colorful shades for $22 each. There are 12 matte shades and 6 glowy shades which can be mixed and matched together!



We probably say this every time but we will say it again, YAY FOR NEW BLUSHES! The makeup industry just doesn’t release new blushes nearly often enough so when we see new ones, we freak out a little! We will admit, Lime Crime isn’t necessarily the #1 brand we would hope to see them from, but we so aren’t mad. Do you see those colors?! I mean, they are pure perfection.

The range will surely fit the needs of everyone – from light skin tones to deep, from warm toned lovers to cool toned chicks, matte or shimmer, there is something here for everyone! Petal.jpg and Zip and Java are soooooooo up my alley! These are super pricey, though, so we’ll need to see them in person before we bite the bullet. The packaging does sure have us drooling, though!



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