We were way overdue for new Karity! They are launching their Back To The 90s Collection on Monday, 3.18! The collection includes the Comes As You Are Eyeshadow palette ($25) with 15 shades and four liquid lipsticks ($6 each): Gracias, Matcha, Whatever & Diana.



YAS! Can I see a show of hands for all the 90s babies out there! MEEE! So, obviously, I LOVE the theme of this palette! The 90s were everything (I mean, so far as my young childhood self can remember) so we love channeling that in this new collection! Karity is also one of our favorite brands of pretty much ever – they have incredible products for the most fantastic prices! I’m sure this palette is no exception… But there’s just one problem – we are sooooo not feeling the color story of these eyeshadows. Individually, there are pretty much all stunning and totally up my alley – but together, there just seems to be no cohesion. In other words, they kinda just don’t go together, like, at all. In my opinion. And I get that maybe that’s the point? As that’s kind of how makeup and clothes were in the 90’s – crazy and made no sense in today’s framework. But, at the same time, for people to actually want to buy this, it needs to work. And for me, it just doesn’t.



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