Yay, more eyeshadow palettes! Our favorite!Coloured Raineis launching their brand new Safari Raine Collection today, 3.08! This collection has a super fun theme with lots of stunning colors! It includes the Safari Raine an Eyeshadow Palette ($39), three lipsticks ($15 each), a Flat Shadow Brush ($10), a Blending Brush ($12) and Glamazon eyelashes ($20).



This safari theme COULD NOT fit this palette more perfectly – these colors just scream jungle and outdoors and sunshine so loud! I have been dreaming of more brands releasing green-themed eyeshadow palettes for so long and now finally, we are seeing them hit the market! (Colourpop also just released a green palette as a surprise a few days ago and it is BEAUTIFUL!) I also, as y’all know, love a palette that features both warm AND cool tones, like this one! The green and the oranges pair so so well together! But my eye directly does to that gorgeous gunmetal mauvey purpley gray shade (second to last on the arm swatches) – is that not just the most perfect shade ever?! I die for cool-toned shimmery shades like that one! But as much as we love this palette, almost $40 for only 9 shades is a little steep, in my opinion. Plus, we have yet to test out the Coloured Raine formula so I can’t attest to whether they are worth it or not, but this palette is so perfect, this might be the chance to try them out!



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