Ooooooh, lots of lippies lately! Artist Couture is launching their NEW Diamond Lip Tease today, 3.08! These beauties are special because their super high shine formula is infused with hemp oil, which is meant to keep your lips feeling extra moisturized. There are six shades ($18 each) in Peepshow, Climax, Sugar Baby, Nympho, Le Freak & Foreplay which will be available at Sephora and on Beauty Bay as well!



These are sooooo beautiful and shiny!! They look to be just straight glossy & not glittery or shimmery at all, which might be perfect for those that just want that juicy lip look without that gritty, extra look. As you can tell from the swatches, these are very veryyyyy lightly pigmented. They aren’t opaque enough to give off a ton of color on their own but look to be more meant to be glossy toppers for lipsticks or lip pencils. I also must say, there doesn’t seem to be a very clear color difference between the swatches – the variations are so subtle. Especially if these were to be used over top of a lipstick or lip liner, they would likely all appear basically the same as a more-or-less clear glossy sheen rather than an added color on TOP of a different color. With that being said, most likely you would be fine selecting just one or two shades rather than really needing to purchase multiple colors.




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