Kardashian drama won’t stop new products from Kylie! Kylie Cosmetics is launching her NEW Setting Powders on Thursday, 3.07! This is a first time launch of Setting Powders from Kylie – we love seeing brands release brand new products to their line! She is starting off with six shades: Translucent, Soft Pink, Beige, Yellow, Dark, Deep Dark & Velvety. The formula is meant to be be completely smooth and weightless, with tons of great ingredients for your skin!



Soooo we know we have to give credit where credit’s due – this packaging is just toooo cute! I mean yeah, it’s hella girly but hey, that’s so Kylie! And we love it! The product, however, we are just kind of “eh” about – maybe it’s just me, but setting powders are just one of those things that don’t really get me too excited, ya know? Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have quite a few that I’m obsessed & in love with, but in general, to me, powders are powders are powders and there isn’t much to get too hype about. Plus, I so rarely go through an entire powder – loose or pressed – so I’m rarely in the market for a new one. I will say, however, that just based on the shade names alone, I’m a bit intrigued. Clearly, some of these are meant to be color correcting more or less, like the yellow and the soft pink. But what shade is Velvety?? To me, velvet is a texture or a feeling, not a shade… So that just got me curious! But even though there are only 6 shades in this collection, it does seem as though there should be something here to fit almost everyone, especially since there’s a translucent! Overall, even though I’m not too over the moon about these, I definitely think they’re cute and an excellent addition to the Kylie line!



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