Travel palettes galore! We are getting so ready for summer vacation! Viseart is launching their Soleil & Apricotine Eyeshadow Palettes on Friday, 3.01! Each of these cute little eyeshadow palettes feature eight new shades with both mattes and shimmers. Soleil on the left in the top picture has a great variety of beautiful shades for spring, while Apricotine is more of your neutral shades.



How freaking darling are these little guys?! Not only are they super cute and tiny but the colorful packaging is adorable, too! We LOVE the bright colors, especially for spring coming up! Viseart packaging isn’t usually extra large anyway, but these are even more baby-sized! Plus, the shades are perfect- we have one palette that is extra fun and colorful and so fitting for spring and summer but we also have one that is just your everyday, natural palette that everyone can use and love! If you have both, you have the best of both worlds! The only downside is that they don’t seem to have a mirror in them (maybe they do, however, none of the photos we have seen thus far show a mirror and usually Viseart palettes DON’T include a mirror so we are just assuming for now). Another assumption we can make is about the price – Viseart is hellaaaaass expensive so you know these will be pricey. For that same reason, you may not feel comfortable traveling with them considering you’d probably cry if they accidentally shattered in transit… Either way, though, these are SO pretty! We can’t wait to check them out!



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