If there’s one thing that Colourpop does not shy away from.. it’s collabs! Colourpop is launching their new collab with Zoesugg (the founder of Zoella) on Wednesday, 2.27! The theme and design of this collection is just so cute. Brunch Date includes an eyeshadow palette, lip pencils, multiple lippie sets (with liquid lipsticks and lip pencils) and a liquid eyeshadow duo.



OMG, YES! Finally something new for Colourpop! And I mean that in more than one way – first of all, hallelujah a NEW COLLAB! We see so many repeat collabs from CP time after time so a fresh face is SO welcome! Also, the palette is such a new, cute layout and design! We love that it’s long and narrow rather than short and boxy. And we are obsessed with the retro theme! Just love love LOVE! The shades, on the other hand, aren’t really anything too new and exciting and definitely something we have seen before many times in terms of color story and tone, but still super pretty and wearable with a beautiful pop of color! It looks like the products, as usual, will be sold individually and also as a set (which is usually just slightly cheaper than buying individually). We cannot wait to see these in person! AKA yes, we will probably have to grab the palette at the very least! You know us and eyeshadow palettes… we can’t resist!



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