Ohhh, snap! Another brand from the vaults! OPV Beauty is launching their NEW Spotlight Eyeshadow Palette on Friday, 2.22! This pretty eyeshadow palette features 18 shades with a great range of colors in both mattes and shimmers. It will be available on their website for £29 which is about $33. Keep in mind, though, since it’s coming from overseas that shipping is likely to add a pretty penny to that price tag!



Is it just me or does this look exactly like something that BH Cosmetics would come out with, am I right?? That’s not meant to be negative or anything! That’s just totally the vibe I’m getting from the packaging and the front and the whole aesthetic. Maybe that’s why I’m having a hard time seeing this as a $33 palette. That isn’t super expensive, no, but it comes off as more of a drugstore looking product that should cost maybe $14? IMO. But nonetheless, it is still SO pretty! Those blues are kind of breathtaking and those first 3 shades in the second row are SOOOOO freaking vibrant, I have to look away! STUNNING! I honestly haven’t heard much about this brand in general so I’m not sure how these shadows perform but if they’re as good in formula as they are to look at, this might be a promising palette!



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