Beauty Bakerie is just to die for! We always love their theme! They are launching their new Proof is in the Puddin Eyeshadow Palette on Friday, 2.22! We are always just gushing over their product designs and names, and this one is no exception. This cute eyeshadow palette features 9 shades for $38. It will be available exclusively at Riley Rose.



We are always huge fans of Beauty Bakerie’s style – their packaging, their shade names, their creative products! And we love supporting indie brands (except I guess they’re not such an indie brand anymore now that they’re at Ulta!) But unfortunately, this palette is a total dud for me. I mean, is this not the most boring palette you have ever seen?! We all have literally every shade in this palette in our collection. Literally. Every. Single. One. And I’m not even sure what you can do with this palette?? It’s just so bland and there is not depth to really any of the shades, there’s no variety, there’s no… nothing. I’m honestly shocked they would even bother releasing a palette as vanilla (no pun intended) as this. I can’t imagine anyone looking at this palette and being like “WOW, I LOVE THIS I NEED THIS”, ya know? And for almost $40, I certainly don’t see it being worth the money whatsoever… Sorry! Just not our cup of tea.



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