Valentines Day is SO soon, so you know what that means! Launches on launches! Melt Cosmetics is launching their Better Than Roses Collection on Friday, 2.08! The PR box for this collection is just to die for! The collection itself includes two new Digital Dust Highlight shades: Phoenix & Pink Moon, as well as some liquid lipstick sets that haven’t been revealed yet.



I just LOVE the concept of this launch! How has no one thought of “Better Than Roses”?? That is so clever and brilliant and PERFECT for Valentine’s Day! And speaking of adorable – how cute is the embossed detail on these highlighters?? We just love that! I’m just personally not the biggest fan of the darker shade for obvious reasons: that will NEVER work for my skin tone. The pink one, however, I can totally get down with! It is stunning! And the perfect shade to use on the holiday for love!



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