We covered these hugely popular beauties back when they first launched, and now Huda Beauty is adding brand new shades to their Melted Shadows collection on Tuesday, 2.12! These shades are adding some serious color to the mix! There are 10 new shades in total ranging from shimmers to some bright mattes. If you didn’t catch them on the last launch, these are double ended and cost $25 each.



These colors are freaking INSANE! Do y’all see that turquoise blue?? And that shimmery pink?? I love that these come double sided with complimentary shades one each end! That way, you know that you’re going to LOVE and actually use both ends of the product! I feel like we see a lot of super shimmery liquid shadows, but we don’t often see matte ones! This is actually something new and exciting to the market. But the question is, how much do we actually use something like this? Honestly, I use my Still Liquid Shadow and my Urban Decay Glitter Liner fairly often but other than that, I NEVER reach for other crayon or liquid shadow-type products. There’s just something about that them makes me either not reach for them or just not think of them when I’m doing my makeup! I usually need to go out of my way to use products like these. And honestly, for $25, I definitely don’t see these being worth the money for me, personally. But for those of you that do really editorial or artsy makeup, these might be a perfect addition to your collection!



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