AHHHH, so many brush sets lately! We LOVE it! Morphe is launching a Brush Set Collab with Jeffree Star today, tuesday, 2.05! This collab brush set features custom Face & Eye brushes for $49 as a set, and some beauty sponges for $16. The brush set consists of seven brushes: Size Queen Brush, Point-Blank Precision Brush, Iconic Contour Brush, Fly High Brush, Crease Kween Brush, Rule Blender Brush & Double Trouble Brush. The $49 set also includes a Starstruck bag for holding all these beauties.



This collaboration has been so long awaited! They Jeffree and Morphe teased this forever ago and now it’s finally here! And of course, it is just as FABULOUS as we would expect from J. Star! Honestly, how have these two not collabed yet already?? It seems like a natural thing to do with two such huge names in the beauty world. We are loving that these brushes actually look totally different from your typical Morphe brushes (even Jaclyn Hill’s set looked very similar to their existing brushes, just with different color handles).

These are a whole new look and design and we love that! Of course they had to be pink and fancy, right?? I am mostly eyeing these sponges because A. they are pink so YES and B. I just LOVE Morphe sponges so if these are anything like their original style, it is going to be my new fav!






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