Oh boy, we’ve been way overdue for a new Marc Jacob Beauty Collection! They launched their NEW Steel Collection today, 2.04! The collection includes their Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette ($49) which comes with seven shades in a bunch of different finishes and a tiny adorable mirror! The collection also includes five new  Ultra-skinny Gel Eye Crayons ($24).



So. YES. We LOVE this whole thing! Not particularly because it’s Marc Jacobs but mostly because it’s all COOL TONES! If you haven’t picked up from our previous posts, we are cool-tone lovers! Always! For everything! (Except Christmas lights – those need to be warm toned for sure…) This is a stunning collection of shades in this palette! There’s a matte cream shade which y’all know is a requirement for me! There’s also a perfect cool brown transition shade, a gorgeous gray purple, a perfect taupe blending shade, a deep, sultry grayish black and even a stunning steel gray purple shimmer! You know that’s what we are most excited about! There is only that one shimmer shade, though, which kinda sucks – I don’t usually like when a palette is too heavily matte OR too heavily shimmery. I just like a balance and this is not that. But otherwise, we are on board! Even the new eye crayons are primarily cool-toned, too! Way to go Marc!



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