MAC is launching two NEW Hyper Real Glow Highlighter Palettes on Tuesday, 2.05! Each palette comes with three highlighter shades for $39.50 including Get Lit with shades Like A Dream, Get Lit Gleam Sheen and Shimmer Peach which comes with shades Glow Baby Glow, Shimmer Peach & Paradise. 



I really just want to have a whole lot to say about these but, unfortunately, I just don’t… I guess we are just a little bit past the point of getting overly excited for new highlight palettes. Every shade has been said and done at this point so it’s tough to find something new and exciting enough to get hype over. MAC, especially, is a brand that usually just falls a little short for us, too. I’m not sure what it is but there is basically never a launch from them that I’m just freaking out over. And for nearly for $40 for 3 highlight shades, there are definitely more affordable options out there that likely do something very similar. Don’t get me wrong, I think these are super pretty! I’m just not sure they’re worth adding to my collection.



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