It’s about time! Anastasia Beverly Hills is launching their Daytime & Sunset Collections on Tuesday, 2.05!  Each of these two limited edition collections comes with with a quad eyeshadow palette ($32) and two liquid lipsticks ($20 each). You can also get the PR boxes for $50 each which come with ABH branded eye shades!



UMM hello YES, we are SO here for these! Ahhhh! Y’all know I don’t get super hype over products all that often so when I do, it’s serious! These are freaking BEAUTIFUL palettes! I LOVE that ABH is switching it up with their packaging and style of eyeshadow palettes. And can we just take a moment – they are selling the PR packages! Whaaat?! I’m pretty sure they’ve never done that before as far as I can remember. Honestly, I feel like Colourpop is one of the the only (or few) brands that typically do that. I personally would never buy a PR package I don’t think, but I do think it’s pretty cool that they are offering them for sale! But back to the palettes…. YES. One million times YES! Specifically, I am eyeing up the Sunset Quad. I mean, this is a cool-toned lovers DREAM! And I am a hardcore cool-toned lover. It’s only 4 shades, of course, so this isn’t necessarily something that is going to be a totally comprehensive palette or offer a ton of different looks, but the shades included are truly stunning and so unique! I mean, I don’t think I can say I own (or have even really seen on the market) a shade like Blue Flash or even Horizon. I must say, $32 is super steep for a palette with only 4 shades, but the packaging is clearly a little more lux this time around, so I think, for ABH, I can still support it. They’re one of my favorite brands like, ever, so they typically can do no wrong by me.



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