YAS, Y’ALL! We have a new FOMO brand to bring you today! Illuminate Cosmetics is launching their Glow Up Palettes on Thursday, 1.31! This is Ashley Tisdale’s brand – how cool is that?! They are launching these two pretty face palettes, Cool Palette & Warm Palette, each featuring two contour shades and two highlighter shades. It looks like their whole website is on hold until the launch of these babies, too! We are definitely excited to see this launch.



We love talking about new brands! This is just so exciting! Do y’all remember back in the day when Ashley Tisdale had a line with BH Cosmetics for a while?? Now she is on her own! How cool is that?! These palettes are the first product the brand is launching (which makes sense since they are glow palettes and the brand is named Illuminate). We are just a little concerned about the shades included in these palettes. It might just be the photos but in BOTH palettes, the bronzer/contour shades look HELLA dark! Even the highlighters look like they’ll really only work on medium to deep skin tones – which is great for those ladies! But it might be hard for more pale or fair skinned peeps to make these work. I feel like it would have made a bit more sense to make a light, medium and deep version of each warm and cool palette rather than just 2 products, but perhaps they will expand their line once they see how these sell?? We shall see!



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