Nope, this isn’t Deja Vu. It’s another Colourpop & Kathleen Lights collab! This time they are extending the Zodiac Collection with a Loose Pigment Collection on Thursday, 1.31! The collection includes 12 new shades in a BRAND NEW PRODUCT meant to be more pigmented, be more reflective & last even longer. They cost $6 each and $70 as a set. The shades are: The Anchor, The Scorpion, The Scales, The Maiden, The Lion, The Crab, The Twins, The Bull, The Ram, The Fish, The Water Bearer The Goat.


So obviously we watched this video and we freaking LOVE Kathleen so we are SO freaking excited! However, before I go too far, I will say (as I’ve said like, 100 times by now) the whole Colourpop collab situation is getting a little out of hand… This has got to be Kathleen and Colourpop’s like, 19th time collaborating on a product. And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – it’s just getting kind of old! The novelty and excitement are starting to wear off a little at this point. They may as well just hire Kathleen and have her on staff at this point, am I right?? But anyway… This is super cool because it’s a brand new product to Colourpop’s line! And we are all about super intense shimmer pack-a-punch shadows, so we are totally on board! Some of these shades are just breathtaking! I am also SO loving the new, more unique shade names this time around! Needless to say, we will DEFINITELY be picking some of these up as soon as they launch! Stay tuned for that on our YouTube channel!



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