We are just suckers for adorable and clever packaging. Beauty Bakerie definitely takes the cake on this (as they always do). They are launching their NEW Black Blending Eggs on Friday, 2.01! Just look at how cute this is: blending sponges as eggs, and in an actual egg carton package! Just too adorable! It comes with six blending eggs for only $18 – that comes out to just $3 per sponge! Nice!

One thing’s for sure: you definitely can’t beat that price! Only $3 per sponge is cheaper than just about any other decent sponge on the market! But these come with super cute packaging to boot! Of course, the one downside is that you cannot purchase these individually; you MUST purchase all 6 in the set. On one hand, that totally sucks because you’re stuck with all 6 sponges and a nearly $20 price tag when you could just grab a new Morphe or Real Techniques sponge individually for like, $6. BUT, on the other hand, you will have SO MANY backups that it’ll be so easy to switch out your sponge for a new one when yours gets old, damaged and dirty. You won’t have to go out and purchase any for like, a year! Nice! We have yet to actually give these a go but we have heard great things so they may be worth giving a shot!


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