It’s about time for a new Zoeva Collection! They are launching their brand new Heritage Collection on Monday, 1.28! This collection features their standard beautiful packaging design for the new Eyeshadow Palette, Highlighter and three Eye Crayons. Pricing hasn’t been released yet but they tend to price everything similarly so our best guess is the eyeshadow palette will be $26.50, highlighter $7.75, and crayons in the $8 range, too.



We are still itching to get our hands on some Zoeva products! We have yet to grab anything from their site, but every time we post about a new release from them, we ask ourselves WHY?! Every single palette they put together is breathtaking. They always manage to put together such unique and well-thought out color stories. I also always notice how nicely balanced the palette is with matte and shimmer shades – and the right shades are matte and the right shades are shimmer. DO y’all ever get or see a palette and automatically wish certain shimmer shades were matte and certain matte shades were shimmer?? It happens to me like, all the time… This palette here has everything we could need: deep, sultry shades, jewel tones, intense shimmers and even that standard matte creamy bone shade to set the whole eye with. Plus, the price is right, too, at under $30! Maybe this is our chance to finally try out this formula!



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