Hourglass is launching their new Vanish Liquid Foundation on Friday, 1.25! These pretty, long lasting, full coverage foundations will be available in 32 different shades. We also heard that you may be able to get samples from Sephora with any purchase over $25 using the code VANISH. Get on that!



We are soooooo into th so marketing for this new foundation – especially that picture above! How clever, right?? As I’m sure y’all already know, the Vanish Stick Foundation TOOK OVER when it first launched and so many are still in love with it to this day! But there are also many of us that just aren’t the biggest fans of stick foundations (aka ME! I just feel like they are typically more difficult to blend and you also get WAY less product for your money) so this new beauty is for us!! If it’s anywhere near as fabulous as the stick version was said to be, this is sure to be a HUGE hit! I love me a good full coverage liquid foundation. But keep in mind, this is for sure going to run you a pretty penny; most likely this will retail for somewhere near $60… YIKES. I’m really not sure I can get down with that… but if it’s as good as it says, maybe it’ll be worth the splurge?!



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