There’s just something so awesome & aesthetically pleasing about huge eyeshadow palettes! Crayon Case is launching their The Matte Book on Friday, 1.18! Clearly matching their name, this palette features a huge range of colors, with 26 different matte shades, five of which are large pan transition shades. They even turned the palette packaging into a notebook to really bring home the theme! We love the dedication to the theme! Pricing hasn’t been released yet.



So we totally love to support new emerging makeup brands and this one seems to have tons of potential, but we aren’t totally in love with this new palette. I think my first problem with it is that it’s all matte. And I just don’t love palettes that are all matte OR that are all shimmer. Is it too much to ask for a balance of both?? I’m also just kind of over the whole rainbow palette thing that has been going on over the past year or so. I just feel like it’s all been said and done at this point. I do sooooo love the notebook theme of the palette packaging and design – it’s so unique and creative! But otherwise, the palette falls a little flat. And is it just me or does the picture shown above just make you think “kid makeup”? I get totally tuned off by makeup that seems cheap or too childish – I hate to say it! I am, however, totally eyeing that palette to the left in this photo! I love the color of the packaging and the color of the shadows and the HUGE eyeshadow pans (y’all know I’m just a sucker for a palette with huge eyeshadow pans. I don’t know what it is but I am so drawn to them!) That palette might just be on our wish list now! But unfortunately, this colorful one just isn’t.



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