At this point we should just be used to Colourpop dropping beauties on us out of nowhere. They are launching their new It’s My Pleasure Eyeshadow Palette on Thursday, 1.17! We’ve just been loving Colourpop’s recent palettes. SNEAK PEEK: we have a video coming to our YouTube channel featuring a big Colourpop haul + an eyeshadow look using their newest palette! STAY TUNED!! But anyway… back to this one: it features 9 shades with various finishes for only $12! It will be available bright and early at 10am PST!



Hmm… we are still thinking. I’m so torn on this palette! On one hand, I LOVE purple eyeshadows like, so so much. And I’m just really on a Colourpop kick right now… I’m obsessed all over again! But I have mixed emotions on this palette. I LOVE most of the shades… Which is totally fine and I don’t have to love every single shade in a palette to be on board with it or to buy it. But the shades that I don’t love here, I like, reallyyyyyyy don’t love. Specifically, Fan Fiction and Bare Minimum and Chick Lit. They just kind of throw off the whole vibe for me. If we eliminated those and replaced them maybe with some neutral shades (rather than so much dang purple) or even at least some more matte shades (there are just sooooo many shimmers and satins in this palette!), I would be head over heels for this one! But for the price, I might be able to look past it… What do y’all think?? P.S. Does anyone else think of Chick Fil A when they see the name of this palette??



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