Collabs from Sephora? Yes please! This is something new! Sephora is launching a collab with Olivia Jade, Bronze & Illuminate Palette on Wednesday, 12.26! This adorable little palette features five highlighting shades and one bronzing shade for $28 in total. The palette will be limited edition at Sephora, which gives us just one more reason to snatch this baby up!



I’m just a liiiiiittle confused about this palette… Firstly, it’s called a BRONZING and illuminating palette, but there’s only ONE bronzing shade. A BRONZING and highlight palette with 6 shades should, in my opinion, have a better ratio of bronzers to highlighters, no? And the one shade that is included doesn’t seem like it is going to work for most people; it’s very warm and potentially muddy, IMO. Also, the highlighters aren’t really very universal, either. The first bronze highlighter shades is definitely going to be too dark for most people and that yellow shade is probably definitely not everyones cup of tea. However, the other three highlighter shades are GORGEOUS and definitely up our alley, but also ones that we certainly have in our collection already. So, in other words, this palette really isn’t speaking to us. But congrats to Olivia Jade!



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