No Christmas theme for this launch!? Well I guess red packaging is close enough. Ace Beaute is launching their brand NEW The Flair Eyeshadow Palette on Monday, 12.10! The palette features a total of 15 shades with a wide range of finishes from metallic, and matte. The palette will cost $38.99.



Y’all – this is one of the most breathtaking palettes I have seen in a hot minute! Like, dang. This is STUNNING! I’m pretty much obsessed with every shade. And let’s be honest – we aren’t usually freaking out over Ace Beaute but now, this palette is all we can think about! Y’all know we LOVE a good cool and warm toned mixed palette and that is just what we’re getting – lots of warm, bright oranges and reds mixed with gorgeous cool berries and blues. Tell me you don’t get Modern Renaissance mixed with Subculture vibes from this palette?? Am I right or am I right?? Those are two of my absolute favorite palettes anyway, so inherently I am SO drawn to this one! It’s under $40 so the price isn’t tooooo steep and we are getting tons of shades here. Plus, the versatility with this palette is phenomenal, so I imaging we will definitely be getting our money’s worth. This might be one I truly NEED!




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