YES! These are exactly the types of collections we want to see! Give Me Glow is launching their Christmas Morning Collection on Friday, 12.07! Just look at this packaging, it’s to die for! The full collection includes an Eyeshadow Palette ($36), Pressed Highlighters ($17.25), Loose Highlighters ($15) and some lippies ($13.25). We are loving this whole idea!



I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more perfect Christmas themed palette than this, like ever! It is just gorgeous! It’s truly the perfect balance of christmas colors without being over the top or unwearable. The swatches have me completely sold, too. Just look at those gorgeous shades! The palette leans more heavily cool toned which is something that I personally love and something that I always hope to see more often in palettes! Plus, we have a perfect balance of mattes and shimmers – you can totally create a wide variety of looks with just this one palette without needing to supplement it with anything else! This would be so perfect for Christmas parties and honestly, even for New Years, too! If y’all watch our YouTube channel, you’d know I am THE BIGGEST Christmas nerd in the world, so a palette like this literally speaks to my soul! Especially since so many palettes that are considered “holiday” launches aren’t actually very holiday themed, you know? They just happen to launch during this time of year. But this one actually has Christmas colors and Christmas in the name – what more could I want?! We have yet to try Give Me Glow Cosmetics but we are pretty sure now is the time to change that!



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