Jouer Cosmetics is celebrating the birthday of their founder with the launch of their NEW Funfetti Collection on Monday, 11.26! The collection includes two new items and one fan favorite that they are bringing back! The set will be $25 and includes the Funfetti Lip Topper which is coming back and being joined by a new Powder Highlighter and an Eye Topper! This will be available on Jouer’s website and exclusively at Sephora.



What a FUN collection! (See what I did there?) But seriously, this is so adorable! And I must say, before we get into it, that I have a true appreciation for simplistic collections such as this one: a basic but fun premise with just a few products in the collection (rather than those massive 35 product collections that are too large to even know what to do with), know what I mean? Maybe that’s just me! But anywayyyyy… Just about everything here is speaking to me! I am all about lip glosses so I know you can’t go wrong with that one! And the eye topper looks to be something along the lines of the Stila Magnificent Metal glitter toppers which I LOVE! And yes, we always say we are allllll good on highlighters but this one does look stunning and the packaging is just so sleek and stylish (per usual for Jouer)! This definitely screams holiday to me, too! I mean, more New Years holiday than Christmas, per say, but we are still totally here for it!


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