Just in time for the holidays! KKW Beauty is launching their NEW Glam Bible Smokey Volume I on Friday, 11.23! The full package features a brand new 6-pan Eyeshadow Palette, one Eye Liner, a set of lashes, Mascara, Crème Lip Liner, two Crème Lipsticks, a Gloss, a Blush & a Highlighter for $150 in total. That’s honestly a pretty solid bang for your buck considering their normal pricing.


KKW Beauty: Glam Bible Smokey Volume I


This is a serious all-in-one collection – and this has Christmas gift written all over it! I can imagine this being the perfect *SPLURG* gift for that girl in your life that loves makeup but maybe doesn’t have very much of it because this collection has literally everything you need! I mean, we have liner, lashes, an eyeshadow palette, mascara, lip liners AND lipsticks AND a gloss, plus blush and highlighter! As long as they have foundation, concealer and bronzer already, they are good to go with the addition of this set! And although $150 is a lot to spend on one person for most people, it’s definitely not a lot for what you’re getting for the money – it averages out to just under $17 per item! What might be an even better idea? Split the items amongst multiple friends or family members; a lipstick and lipgloss for one sister, the eyeshadow palette for another, etc (and we totally won’t tell if you end up keeping a few items for yourself!) I keep talking about this as a gift item mostly because I’m not sure how much it would add to many of our collections (you know, those of us that literally have ALL the makeup and could definitely do without another simple, 6-pan palette and lipgloss that we definitely have something just like already). I think anyone else, though, would be thrilled to see this under their tree!



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