That NEW NEW! Lawless is launching their very first eyeshadow palette, The One on Saturday, 12.01! The relatively new beauty brand started by Annie Lawless has finally branched out and is launching an eyeshadow palette. According to Annie, it “truly is the one palette I need to create any look I want and contains every shade I consider essential”. Pricing hasn’t been released yet but this beauty will be available both on their website and at Sephora.



Ahhhh, this is so exciting! We love when new brands start to grow! And this palette sure is pretty! But it’s always such a gamble trying out a formula that literally no one has ever tried before – is it good?? Is it great? Is it awful?! Someone has to be the guinea pig! Lawless is certainly not a cheap brand so this is likely to cost a pretty penny. We do love the packaging (so simple and sleek) and the shades (there’s literally everything you could ever need here!) Yes, we have definitely all seen these shades before and honesty, we probably have just about all of these in our collection already as none of them are necessarily incredibly unique on their own. But it might totally be worth it! Who knows, this could just be the next most incredible eyeshadow formula!





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