Surprise releases of massive collections have got to be our favorite thing! Colourpop is launching their Holiday 2018 Collection on Thursday, 11.15! Okay, hold tight while we lay out everything in this hugeee collection! First, there is the Chasing Rainbows Eyeshadow Palette ($20), Dream Sequence Highlighter Palette ($18) & four Super Shock Highlighters ($8) in shades Counting Sheep, Pinch Me, Guilty Pleasure & Mr.Wind. Next there is the Double Rainbow SSS Kit ($25), six new Super Shock Shadows ($5 each) in shades Falling Up, Roy G Biv, IRL, Milky Way, REM, & ZZZ, a Dream Baby Dream Lippie Stix Kit ($25), and six new Lippie Stix ($5 each) in shades At Twilight, Dream Date, Happy Thoughts, Are You Surreal, Sky Walking, & Infinite Best. Whew, you still with us?

Okay, additionally there is the Flying Colors Lip Vault ($80) with 14 lippies, Ultra Glossy Lips ($6 each), and Ultra Satin Lips ($6.50 each), Ultra Metallic Lips ($6 each), eight Jelly Much Shadows ($8 each), nine Gliterally Obsessed Body Glitters ($8) and FINALLY This is Not a Dream Makeup Bag ($10).



OMG does anyone understand how Colourpop keeps releasing stuff CONSTANTLY?! Like, how?! Especially something this HUGE! It amazes us every time and honestly, sometimes we can’t even keep up! We obviously can’t go over every product here in detail because ain’t nobody got time to write OR read that, but let’s focus on the good stuff; first of all, I am living for the new packaging of these super shock shadows! It doesn’t appear as though the color of the packaging corresponds really at all to the shade of the shadow, but the combination is so pretty! I kind of just want to buy more of these just to have the new packaging… I know, I know!

Also, this eyeshadow palette… I don’t think I’m on board. I hate to say it! Last year’s holiday palette was WAYYYYYY better. Like, way better. Why are we doing a rainbow palette for a Christmas launch?? It just doesn’t seem to scream HOLIDAY to me, ya know? I do think it’s pretty, I can’t deny that. And that shade on the bottom row, second from the right, looks suuuuuuuper unique! But something about the color story here just doesn’t seem cohesive to me. Do y’all see that or is it literally just me? I’m a little torn – for an eyeshadow palette, I think it’s quite beautiful but for a holiday launch, I just don’t think it’s quite right. What do y’all think??



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