NARS is launching their new Ignited Eyeshadow Palette on Wednesday, 11.28! The palette features 12 eyeshadow shades with nine of them being shimmers and three mattes. This seems to be a pretty popular combination since their Wanted Eyeshadow palette was similar. The pricing hasn’t been released for this beauty but it will likely be $59 just like the Wanted Palette.



Is it just me or is NARS just NOT the brand we go to for eyeshadows. Like, at all. I rarely, if ever, hear anyone raving about their shadows. I certainly have never found myself lusting after one… Why is that?? Perhaps it’s simply because there are a ton of other products they are WAY WAY more known for and maybe better at? Who knows. This one is quite pretty, we must admit. But it’s certainly not anything we haven’t seen before, ya know?

I also don’t get fall or winter vibes like, at all from this guy. And I know, makeup releases & their color stories don’t necessarily need to coordinate with the current season but I mean… This just kind of screams spring or Valentine’s Day to me, don’t you think?? Even the exterior packaging (while GORGEOUS and stunning, is very summertime, IMO) Maybe it’s just me! Either way, it’s probably not something we need to have in our collection.



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