Kylie Cosmetics is launching her NEW High Gloss Lip Gloss on Thursday, 11.08! Arguably one of the queens of lip products is launching a brand new lip gloss product in seven gorgeous shades. It appears that four of the shades are glittery while three are cream finishes. The pricing hasn’t been released yet but her standard lip glosses are about $15 each so these will likely be around that too.


These are SOOOO freaking GLOSSY! YAS! She wasn’t kidding when she said High Gloss! There is a nice balance here of super pigmented creamy shades like Snatched and Diva as well as clear, super glittery shades like Oh You Fancy? and Always Shining. The issue I see here is that many of us aren’t big fans of lipglosses that have just straight up glitter in them – a fine shimmer is typically preferable, I think. It can also sometimes create a gritty texture on the lips, too. I’m also confused by the shade selection; doesn’t this look more like a valentines day collection or something?? What with all the various shades of pink and glitters and what not? It definitely doesn’t scream fall, that’s for sure. But these still might be worth a try! Are you into them??




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