We are talking SKIN CARE today! This is also like, semi-fitting/festive because it’s HALLOWEEN (yay! Happy Halloween!) and the packaging on this little guy we are going to talk about today is this lovely pale pastel orange sooooooo it totally fits the theme! This is the Dear Klairs Youthful Glow Sugar Mask from Soko Glam! In case you aren’t familiar, Soko Glam is a Korean beauty website that features all things that make the Korean beauty market so amazing! The whole focus of the brand is educate men & women about the importance of skin care & to care about their skin the way Koreans do (which is alot). We will definitely be the first to admit, we aren’t always the best to our skin (aka I sleep in my makeup wayyyyyyy more often than I should… oops) so this is just the kind of thing we need in our lives! Though I am more passionate about makeup than I am skincare products, the skin is the base for every look! The better the skin, the better the makeup application and, hence, the better the result!



This is a one of a kind product, believe it or not. It may not appear that way at first glance but let me explain. This is an exfoliating scrub AND face mask, all in one. Have you ever even heard of that? I sure haven’t. When I think exfoliator, I think scrubbing and I think abrasive; when I think face mask, I think creamy and smooth. So how can it be both?? That’s the cool part! This definitely feels more like an exfoliator at first – it’s got that typical sugar scrub texture, though the granules are super fine, not big and chunky. It’s definitely got enough abrasiveness to do the work of removing dead skin and makeup without being too rough on your skin to the point where it becomes irritated and red. But even though it’s gentle, definitely don’t get too close to your eyes with this – it’s still too much for the delicate under eye area. It just feels so good! It’s a bit sticky (it’s a sugar scrub so duh) but smells SO GOOD! I wonder if it tastes any good… The application did seem slightly backwards to me.

This is to be applied with dry hands AND a dry face! I, by instinct, typically get my face and hands wet before cleansing but that’s not the recipe here! Even without the presence of water, though, this applies beautifully! It spreads across the skin without pulling while deeply removing makeup and all of that dead skin we tend to collect that we just don’t need. This leaves the skin not only baby freaking soft (we are talking SO SOFT), but also results in a slightly more even, brighter complexion! It kind of just refreshes the skin across the board. There are all kinds of fruits oils (raspberry, jojoba & grapefruit) plus shea butter mixed up in here to smooth AND hydrate the skin! So we are killing quite a few birds with one stone here, ya know! But if you’re looking to do a little pampering, use this as a 10 minute mask! Just layer it on and catch yourself a little Jane the Virgin on Netflix until it’s done it’s job. You’ll be left with glowy, hydrated, smooth skin! We love that this has so many uses! We are always trying to get the most out of our products. If you are a skin care junky, you’ve got to try this out! Korean skincare might take you by surprise! We definitely recommend giving it a go! Maybe as a little Halloween treat?? You deserve it!



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