Happy SUNDAY FUNDAY! Today we have a new brand (to us!) and a new review! This is the first time we’ve written about Adept Cosmetics but we are SO EXCITED to share this with y’all! They were nice enough to send us two of their signature magnetic palettes to review! They sent us their Adept Palette ($32) in Singularity Black as well as the Magnetar Multi-Folding Tabletop Palette ($18.99). These hold a freaking TON of shadows, y’all.


Let’s start with the OG Adept Palette (the black one). This is so cool – not only is it a double-sided magnetic palette, but it also features a super thick, sturdy piece of plastic in between the two sides to separate and protect your shadow! This palette is heavy duty, too. It’s got some serious weight to it! You can just tell by the packaging and the plastic interior that this is quality stuff. The magnets are probably the most impressive part, though. They are so strong! My shadows stayed in place literally so well. And it can hold – get this – over 100 standard pan size eyeshadows! Whaaaa?! If you are into slightly larger shadows, like Colourpop, it can hold up to 95 of those, too! But don’t limit yourself to eyeshadow – you can depot just about anything and place it in here! Bronzers, blushes, highlighters – you name it! The possibilities are endless with these palettes because you literally build it yourself! You can turn this into your everyday palette but storing basically every powder product you use all here in one place! How cool is that?! Keep in mind, though, that this doesn’t have a mirror in it due to it being double sided. Also, please disregard the light reflection in the photos – I moved this thing literally everywhere and it was basically impossible to get any decent lighting on it without having some sort of reflection from the lights. Sorry! But what’s important is that you can really see the palette! I only have a few shadows in there so far (deporting is not my strongest suit) but it was enough to tell this is a great magnetic palette. The one thing that will definitely bug me (and might bug some of you that are crazy like me) is that this will show every single little fingerprint. Ever. It’s just that glossy. But hopefully you’re not as psycho as me and that won’t matter to you at all hehe



I can’t decide if I love this palette more than the black one! This one is just sooooo freaking soft and fuzzy! It’s covered (front and back) with a super luxurious feeling velvet in this AMAZING royal blue purple color! And this is that good velvet, not that cheap, generic stuff. This can be cleaned and wiped down with water or your makeup remover wipes so it’s super easy to keep clean! It’s also significantly less expensive than the Adept Palette at under $20. But never fear, it can still hold a TON of shadow – over 70 standard pans! WOW! It’s also double sided like the other palette but in a different way; this palette folds out in all sorts of fun ways, but closes back up into a nice compact square! It opens up like a book initially, and then you can lift up a flap on the left side to reveal the second magnetic side AND THE MIRROR! YAS! This is perfect for so many reasons – firstly, because the two sides of the palette are separated so, again, keeping your shadows organized and protected, and secondly because IT HAS A MIRROR! We love that! We always love mirrors in literally everything. This feels just as sturdy and quality as the black palette, but just in a smaller, more affordable version. The quality of the packaging and magnet are consistent across both palettes. That being said, we TOTALLY recommend these babies! They are both much cheaper than most of the other magnetic palettes on the market AND they hold wayyyyyy more shadows than the majority of those, as well. But wait, THERE’S MORE! Adept was so so kind to provide us with a coupon code so that y’all can save even more cash!

Get 20% off your purchase with code MAKEUPFOMO! We know you’ll love these as much as we do!


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