Helloooo FOMOfam! Eeeeeep, we are soso excited to bring you this video on the NEW Karity Rose All Day Eyeshadow palette! These are just so my tones!! And Karity is my jam as y’all know! I did a video featuring two of their other palettes (The Unicorn Dreams & The Just Peachy palettes – click here to watch!) about a year ago and fell in LOVE with the formula! And packaging and shade selection and price point and just about everything else. So you know I was soooooo excited to see they had launched another gorgeous palette!



As I expected, I LOVED it! I thought I knew and loved the formula already but I somehow love it even more now! There’s something in their shimmer shadows that just knocks my socks off, seriously. They are like the most creamy, highly pigmented, intense glow you can possibly put on your eyes. There’s even some variety amongst the different shimmers; some are very opaque with lots of shimmer and also tons of color while others are bold and beaming but have less of a color to them, which is perfect for something a bit more minimal or, as I like to use them for, eyeshadow toppers! They can truly transform your look. I will say, however, that they don’t all FEEL the same – check out the swatches below. They look nice, right?? Right! But I noticed that some of the shimmers definitely felt a bit more dry and gritty than others. They still performed suuuuuper well, but they just didn’t have the most fabulous texture.


As for the mattes, I don’t love them as much as I love the shimmers because I just love the shimmers so so so much, but they’re incredible nonetheless. As an example, in the above photo, you can see that bottled up basically didn’t show up at all in the swatch. That’s definitely partially because it’s a kinda close skin tone match for me but also because it just didn’t have much color payoff in general. The rest, however, had full pigmentation and blended so so well together! That’s another brownie point for this formula – the blendability! But the pigmentation is real – so real, that some of these swatches stained my arm! I had to scrub to get the color fully off. But hey, we aren’t mad about that! That just means longer wear time on the eyes and we are all about that!

What I love most about this, and their other palettes, is the color story. I think the shade selection is just so well curated. It’s clearly heavy on the pink shades which is, of course, kind of the point, but there’s such a lovely range of lighter pinks, brighter pinks and deeper pinks, too! We’ve kind of got the whole spectrum here. One thing to note, which you’ll see in the video, is that not every single shadow translates on the eye the same way it appears in the pan, which kind of threw me off. I was expecting one thing but got another (check out the video to see what I mean). But in addition to all the pink, we still have lost of natural shades that can used for lots of every day, more simple looks if that’s what you’re going for. You don’t HAVE to use pink with this palette. It’s so versatile! And that’s what we love about it! Plus, you just cannot beat it for the price. I mean, it even comes with a mirror! If you’ve been eyeing this palette, definitely go for it! You really can’t go wrong!



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