One of the big decisions you’ll need to make when either starting your blog from scratch or moving your blog to the “next level” is to choose a hosting partner for your website. This is a fairly critical step because once you’re on one of these hosts, it can be very cumbersome to move off of them to a different hosting site. So it’s definitely important that you make the right decision from the beginning so that you don’t kick yourself down the road.

Our recommendation is to go with a highly rated, very reliable host like Bluehost. I’ll walk throughout this course not just of the benefits from choosing them, but also how you actually get your blog established.



Why start your Makeup Blog on Bluehost?


There is a reason Bluehost is so well regarded in the blogging community. Many top bloggers all recommend their platform for the simple reason its got all the significant benefits that will make your life extremely easy, rather than having to go through the pain of managing many of the grievances that come with actually making sure the website is functioning properly.

Benefits for your Beauty Blog



The Bluehost pricing is really incredible. The basic plan comes with a ton of the features that you need if you want to keep things at their bare bones. However, if you upgrade for only an additional $2 per month you can get a whole HOST (no pun intended) of amazing additional benefits. I’ll try to explain below why so many of these are awesome

  • Bandwidth – Unmetered bandwidth is critical because you want to make sure if your site gets a big spike in traffic that you don’t suddenly get a huge spike in price! You’ll be paying the same amount each month regardless of the traffic level which can help you sleep at night knowing you won’t get some huge bill suddenly.
  • SpamExperts – Your blog will get a ton of spam, I’m warning you right now. The comment sections will be filled with random garbage and sorting through it all is a huge pain. Their SpamExperts really allow you to not waste your precious time cleaning up the spam and rather having that handled by people who truly know what they are doing. Spend more time blogging, not cleaning up spam!
  • Domain Privacy – This is a great feature in that it allows the details around your domain registration to remain anonymous. You’d be surprised at how many weirdos are out there and having this piece of mind is great.
  • SiteBakeup Pro – Having consistent high performance backups is critical. You never know what might happen and being able to restore your site from a backup will save your butt more times than you would think. If you attempt to manage this on your own you can find yourself in a lot of trouble and end up losing so much of what you’ve worked so hard on. Don’t be one of those people, make sure your site is properly backed up.
  • Domain Management – Bluehost also manages everything related to your site under one roof. You can map your domain to your site easily from their platform, rather than having to hop between 3 different platforms just to manage your domain.

  • WordPress Themes – This is probably the second hardest thing you’ll need to do, simply because it’s so much fun! Bluehost also includes themes for you to choose and it’s awesome to browse through to find the one that is perfect for you.

How to Start Your Makeup Blog


First to get started, head over to Bluehost. There you’ll want to click the link for Get Started Now and then select your plan.

You’ll typically save more money by singing up for yearly plans, so we definitely recommend doing that. You’ll be asked to create a password for your account. Make sure you do a strong password here, you’ll have a lot of hackers out there attempting to guess your password to mess with your site, so be sure it’s a good one.

Next step will be to get a domain or map an existing domain to your website.

Now all you have to do now is choose a theme and you’re pretty much all set!


You are now ready to customize your blog!

Click here to head over to Bluehost


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