OH EM GEE NEW JUVIA’S PLACE! Our fav! Juvia’s Place is launching their NEW Nubian & Royalty Loose Highlighters on Saturday, 8.25! You all know that we are obsessed with everything Juvia’s Place (check out our Juvia’s Place series YouTube videos if you haven’t yet!).  The launch will feature four total Loose Highlighters from two of their collections, Royalty & Nubian. Each highlighter will be $14 each. This is Juvia’s first highlighter launch which is super exciting! You already know we will be scooping these up.



Y’all – YES! We have been waiting for this day! Well, TBH, we are always waiting and anticipating new launches from arguably our favorite makeup brand! We just love that they don’t flood us and overwhelm us with new launches weekly *ahem colourpop ahem* but when they do launch something, it’s so well thought out and put together and something that is exactly what their consumers love! This is a perfect example!

JP has been around for years but is just NOW launching highlighters. The highlighter train started years ago but instead of hoping on and rushing into it, they formulated something that is undoubtedly freaking incredible and launched it when the time was right for them. We can always support something like that. The only minor qualm I have here is the price – $14 is a little steep for Juvia’s Place, especially when most of their eyeshadow palettes range from $14 to $20… One highlighter being so close in price to an entire eyeshadow palette seems unlike them and slightly defies their reputation as a super affordable brand. Nonetheless, we are so thrilled to see these launch and will, of course, have a video up on the MakeupFOMO YouTube channel as soon as we get our hands on them!



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