Helloooo FOMOfam! If you are watching this one the day it’s posted, I’m literally getting married today! Like right now! Technically 2 hours after this goes live. SO CRAZY!!! I am so excited for this next step in my life! Ahhhh! I am also soooooo IN LOVE with this makeup!! I am not a makeup artist by an means at all so I totally know it is not like, professional wedding makeup but it’s good enough for little old me haha I am so into these tones! The Stila glitter is no joke though like that ish goes literally everywhere! And these fake lash things…. I have got to get more used to that haha but anywayyyyyy, I hope you liked today’s video! We are off to our honeymoon in JAMAICA! Wooohoooo! But let me know how you liked (or didn’t like haha) this video in the comments below! I LOVE to hear your feedback! Please share your thoughts below & subscribe if you’d like – I’d LOVE it so much! 🙂 New videos every Friday @ 2 pm EST!


Bad Habit: Aphrodite Palette



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