Helloooooo FOMOfam!! Thanks for tuning in for another Juvia’s Place palette series episode! Can you believe this is going to be the last one of these for a while?! I’ve now officially posted a video with every palette from JP that I have! Of course, I will be getting the new ones as soon as they are released! So there will be more coming ASAP 🙂 there are some new launches coming from Juvia’s super soon! I cannot WAIT to get my hands on those and bring you more of these videos! Do you guys have this palette yet?? It’s their newest one! And while it’s not my #1 favorite, I do SOOOO love it! Let me know in the comments below! I LOVE to hear your feedback! Please share your thoughts below & subscribe if you’d like – I’d LOVE it so much! 🙂


Bad Habit: Aphrodite Palette

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