Ooooooh, this is SOOOO cutie! Urban Decay is releasing their new Naked Petite Heat on Thursday, 2.22! Think UD Naked Basics but a warmer version!  This Naked Heat inspired palette contains five BRAND NEW, never-before seen matte shades that can be used for lid, crease and liner plus a semi-matte highlighting shade. We basically have a little Naked Hear baby! This cute little Petite Heat will retail for $29.



Although they allege these are all brand new shades, we are a bit skeptical… they might technically new but they look VERY VERY similar to the shades in the Naked Heat and also like, a ton of other palettes, ya know? I mean, we do love warm tones and the combination of oranges and plum shades but we all know we have something like each of these shades already in our collection. This really does look like a condensed version of the Naked Heat. To further this point, check out the swatches below: the Naked Heat is on top and Petite Heat is along the bottom. How are they trying to claim these are new shades when they look identical to the shades in the OG palette?! Seems a bit suspect. Plus, the Petite Heat only has matte shades with one satin highlight shade. We are, unfortunately, a bit averse to purely matte palettes. It’s just so tricky to get a full look that way, IMO. And, I mean, how many looked can we do with 6 shades?! I can think of like, two. I am all about the exterior packaging on the front of the palette and the orange shade of the packaging and the nice mirror in it but otherwise, we aren’t too excited. If you do already have the OG Naked Heat palette, it doesn’t look like this is one that you would need. Also, Urban Decay, enough with the lies. We are clever enough to have figured you out.


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