Colourpop: Moonlight Magic Collection


Ohhhh snappp, February is looking to be one of our favorite months of 2018 simply because of all the amazing releases! Just take a peep at our calendar right now! Per usual, we get suuuuuper stoked to see Colourpop drop new goodies! This week, CP is releasing their Moonlight Magic Collection on Thursday, 2.08 @ 10 am PST/1 pm EST! Get a load of this: the collection includes 5 NEW Supernova Shadows (in the shades Lucky Penny, Prelude, Over Again, From the Valley, & Now or Never), 3 NEW Ultra Glossy Lippies (in the shades Finesse, My Forte, & Verbatim), 2 NEW Super Shock Highlighters (in the shades Spellbound & Felicity – these are both new formulas!) and finally a NEW Mini Eyeshadow Palette called Pretty Much. Welp…. I guess our wallets have a date for V Day, that’s for sure!



We have all come to expect BOMB holiday releases from CP (especially for the girliest holiday of them all!) and this reveal totally did NOT disappoint! Have you guys tried the Supernova Shadows yet?! That is one of the only products by Colurpop that I have yet to dabble in. That might change now! These new shades are a bit more up my ally than the previous/existing shades. I’m looking at you, Now or Never. But as you can imagine, we are most hype about this freaking adorable mini little palette! The shades are SO VDAY! We are loving that super bold red, the gorgeous cool mauve and the shimmery bright pink! Though it’s only 6 shades, the combination is such that there are so many possibilities! What a lovely balance of deep and mid-toned and warm and cool. Colourpop knows the way to our heart is through our eyeshadow.



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