Viseart: Tryst Eyeshadow Palette

Alllllllll the V-Day vibes! Viseart is launching their NEW Tryst Eyeshadow Palette on Wednesday, 2.07! The palette is a continuation of their Golden Hour series. This new beauty includes four mattes and four metallics/shimmers in new cool-toned pinks! The shades range from soft pinks to purples to cooler, lighter shades – it is sooooo feminine and soft! We especially love that it includes a mirror! So handy & convenient, much appreciated. The palette will be available exclusively at Beautilish. For this release, the founder Anastasia V. Sparrow posted the sweetest IG pic with the following caption – their brand is truly a family business!

“Valentine’s Day is a sentimental day to me personally – from memories of making crayon heart cards for friends to being a grown woman with my Mattias asking me to marry him in 2017 (after he pinched me)! It is an honor to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our blended families. Being vulnerable and open, continually enhancing our communication and practicing the art of listening has seen our entire family and team through many ups and downs over the years. As many of you know, this is a family business, we are all a hodgepodge of imperfect artists but our souls have the intention of doing our best for each other- it is our one truth. Remember Valentine’s Day can just be a joyfully silly symbol, but it can also remind us of love for each other and all our imperfections. I thank Pete, Mattias, Alphonse, Sierra, Kitty Cat, Graciane, our children, the lab in Paris for making this palette possible. To our children: Xander packing boxes, Francheska doing tradeshows and Chloe showing off the makeup- and Diane scolding me over images, we are fortunate to be a working family that works together in this crazy world. With Love, Anastasia.”



The other 9-pan palette in the Golden Hour family retails for $49 so we are thinking this will, too! I mean, yes, VERY expensive for 9 eyeshadows but also, it’s to be expected of Viseart. We are just loving the delicate feel of this palette! It’s so soft and girly – EXACTLY what we picture for a Valentine’s day palette! But I can’t help but notice that there is something lacking here. All of the shades fall into the same range: light. I don’t even think I would consider any of these medium-toned. I’m not sure how one would get a really complete look with just this palette – there is nothing to deepen or add any depth or dimension! It’s essentially an entire palette of light transition shades and shimmery lid shades. But this may be exactly what your collection needs to brighten things up! Or maybe you are truly that natural-look guy or girl that doesn’t try to draw tooooooo much attention, so you keep t easy breezy. But me? I wouldn’t find much of a use for this one. We’re thinking it’s a pass.



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